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Heating Season is HERE and it's getting BUSY! ! !

Fall has arrived in Northeast Ohio, and the phone has been ringing pretty consistently. I wanted to post a few important things for potential customers to know about me and my operation.

! First, I have a full-time (industry related) job. Doctoring fireplaces is side work for me. That does NOT mean I don't think your fireplace is important. It just means that I can only do so much without burning out. Therefore I may be slower to respond than you'd like, but I assure you that I WILL respond to every message. Appointments are available most evenings (after 6:30 or later depending on location). I do schedule appointments on Sundays and Mondays depending on my availability and outside commitments.

! Second, I get a LOT of calls/texts/emails and it can be tedious to keep track of who's who and which appliances they have. I recommend that your first contact with me be throughTEXT or E-MAIL and INCLUDE:

- Name

- Address

- Phone Number

- Description of Problem

- Manufacturer / Model / Serial if available

- Picture(s) of the fireplace.

The more information I have at the outset, the easier it is for me to quote pricing and the faster I can schedule an appointment!

I may add more to this blog post as things come up but for now...

THANK YOU for reaching out to me! I appreciate the opportunity to earn your business, and look forward to helping you stay WARM and SAFE this fall and winter!

Warm Regards,

The Fireplace Doctor

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