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Summer Time Slowdown

Hi! Thanks for stopping by! After an incredibly BUSY season, it's summertime and I am taking most of my vacation time from my full-time job!

As a result, I will likely be more difficult to reach for the next couple months.

That said, I am still taking inquiries and scheduling service!

My preferred method of contact is via E-mail! It is the easiest to keep track of, it never loses a charge (like my phone constantly does) and it never "fills up" like my voicemail box usually is.

When sending E-mail, PLEASE include:

- Name

- Address

- Phone Number

- Description of Problem

- Manufacturer / Model / Serial if available

- Picture(s) of the fireplace.

The more information I have at the outset, the easier it is for me to quote pricing and the faster I can schedule an appointment!

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